About Glenn and I

Glenn and I had that once in a lifetime love that you never think you are going to find.  We adored each other and made so many memories together. We travelled, we laughed; we enjoyed entertaining friends yet we enjoyed each others company the most. We never argued and people always commented on how happy we always looked together.  

We had 13 years of happiness and had many exciting adventures. 

We lived every day together as though it was our last, and you know what ... one day it was our last.  The unthinkable happened and my soulmate Glenn was tragically killed at home.  I came home from work to discover that the love of my life was crushed under a car.  The horror and the overwhelming grief I felt was indescribable.  My heart was ripped from my chest and the journey that followed was full of daily struggles and loneliness.  My grief journey had begun - one I didn't want to be on and certainly didn't ask for.  Our plans and dreams were shattered and picking up the pieces was extremely difficult.

What happens when everyone around you just goes on with life as though nothing has happened while your life has been rocked to the core.

When the grief mist began to clear (and it does eventually start to lift), the questions flooded in - what do I do now, how am I going to go on without Glenn, where do I start to get through this horrible nightmare.  And of course, dealing with other people's reactions and learning so much about human nature.




Glenn was one of those people that everyone loved and enjoyed having around. He was an avid motorsport fanatic and loved building his WRX STI race car. Glenn competed at many events around Brisbane and nationally and it was not uncommon to see him with his sleeves rolled up helping other people at the track - changing tyres, checking tyre temperatures, and the list goes on. The thrill I used to get when I saw him in his race suit, helmet on, harness all secured and the biggest smile on his face always brings a smile to my face. He was doing what he loved - racing and seeing if he could get a better time than last time.

Glenn loved life and from an early age his passion for cars grew. He told stories about the cars he built with his Dad and how racing formed a major part of his life. I came along in the later stages of his life, and he loved teaching me about cars and racing. Many a time he would be working in his man cave on his race car, changing this or that and always making things better. He spoilt me every day of our lives together and he was always thinking about what next surprise he could give me.


Life with my beautiful Glenn is now very different.  There is no such thing as normal anymore - normal for me was having Glenn around and living life to the full together.  Normal as I knew it, no longer existed.  I lost my identity as people saw us as "Glenn and Donna" and now it is just Donna.  Attitudes changed towards me.  People did not know how to deal with me anymore.  All of a sudden it seemed people were making decisions for me without including me.  Phrases like, “it would do you good”, "its time to move on", "its been a while now, surely you are over it" and the worst one, “you will find someone else”.  Those of you reading this will be shaking your head in agreement - we have all been there and know what it feels like to hear these phrases.

I had to find my new normal and when I looked around, there was nothing to help me.  Like many other people, I had to find my path and I realised I could help others in the same position.  Yes, there are counsellors who are terrific initially but what happens when that is finished - you are still on your own.  Yes, when the visitors and families have left - you are on your own.  What the hell do you do? 

My programmes have been developed by me, from the heart, to suit those of you who have suffered a significant loss in your life that has left you floundering and have no idea where you want to go next.  My programmes along with my extensive coaching experience help you find your new normal.  We have to survive this journey and it is great having someone to guide you down this foreign path.  Someone who has been there down the grief path and knows the daily struggles you face.

Grief to Peace Programmes are not about leaving your loved one behind - they are about keeping your loved one on this journey with you.